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Holy Rabbit is an independent publishing house and the base for the Manzanita Journal and for many publishing projects to come. We take a different approach to publishing. We focus on building a platform for writers of all experience levels to reach a dedicated reader base by connecting them with specialized publishing projects.

Each project is cultivated by knowing our readers, what they want to read, and what our authors are hoping to write. Think of this as a garden in which we cultivate, grow, and provide a space for the new. All projects will be done with full transparency on the purpose, mission, vision, and values that define them. It's not just writing, it's writing with a purpose. As Holy Rabbit grows, we will always strive to make each project a powerful platform for the different and daring. Diversity a better garden makes.

Holy Rabbit Publishing Projects


The Manzanita Journal


Manzanita is a thematic short story journal focused on social issues that are currently affecting the world. The idea is the use of fiction to promote positive and realistic representation on a variety of topics. We aim to build a publication that focuses on sharing perspectives through fiction and is complemented with an online platform for fiction and nonfiction materials and discussion.




We want to offer every reader a new perspective on the world they inhabit through stories that can create that bridge. From this new perspective we want them to help bring more people across those bridges and even to create new ones themselves. We encourage all our readers and writers to find and share ways to become involved in sharing their stories. Your story matters.




The mission of Manzanita is to promote a platform for the writing and reading of literature that addresses relevant social issues. It aims to be progressive, empathetic, provocative, reliable, and accessible to invite real discussion about these issues through powerful fiction.




Manzanita will become the platform for the publication of authors who are passionate, involved, and invested in writing about these issues. Stories will be carefully selected to best represent a wide variety of voices and perspectives on these widespread and persistent problems in our society.  Due to the nature of our goals, we enforce a No Advertising code across the website so that readers and writers stay free from distractions.




Manzanita aims to be provocative, which means “rocking the boat” a little about sensitive issues that are persistent in our society.  This will always be done in a manner that takes careful consideration the sensitivity of the groups that are facing these issues. For the sake of readers we will continuously strive to make sure all stories present these issues tactfully, but it will strive to do so without infringing on the creative liberty of the writers. It aims to be trusted as a safe platform for creators to express progressive beliefs. Manzanita stands against prejudice, even working to challenge our own, and aims to help expose the ways it is still prevalent in the world today. Fairness towards all stakeholders, authors, readers, and associated organizations, means we publish and maintain strict adherence to our rules and norms.

The Team

Meagan Bussert
Head Editor
Alice Nicolau
Creative Director
Andres Cuellar Gomez

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