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Thank you for your interest in submitting to The Manzanita Journal! In our house there is always a place for a new artist.

We are asking that all writers for The Manzanita Journal submit your first article or story to our portal to be considered as a Featured Writer for the Month. 


  • Featured Writers are given the opportunity to write 4 articles in a one-month contract that, at the publishing house's discretion, may be extended another month. Writers may apply to be a Featured Writer after 3 months has passed since their last contract. See the chart below for details about payment.

  • Featured Writers must submit their 4 contracted pieces upon signing a contract.



We are excited to review your submission, but first we have some rules that must be understood and agreed upon.


  1.  We only accept original, never published submissions. This includes social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  2. We currently accept: Short form Creative Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

  3. We DO NOT accept: Essays, Screenplays, Plays, or Poetry

  4. Upon acceptance of your submission you will receive an email asking for payment details according to your payment preference. This information must be provided within 5 business days or your submission will be forfeit.

  5. We reserve the right to reject any submission.

  6. Submissions must be sent through the submission portal below.

  7. Submissions not submitted through the proper channels will be ignored.

  8. Repeated submission through improper channels will result in a ban from submissions.

  9. Every submission is respectfully written to focus on a (multiple) social issue(s) and is meant to convey personal perspectives on the issue(s). 

  10. All submissions are entirely a work of your own creation. Any information, quotations, and statistics you used must be properly cited. All submissions should be free of grammatical errors and edited to publishable quality.

  11. By sending a submission through our portal you are agreeing to all terms.

  12. Failure to adhere to the rules of submissions will result in a ban from submissions and a removal of all previous works posted on the Holy Rabbit Publishing House website.


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